About us
About us
Nordica Design Residence was made by professionals working in hospitality industry since 1996

Living like a local

We offer a comfortable stay in the capital of Lapland for your business or holiday visit with a concept “Living like a local!”. It suits those who prefer home-like accommodation in residence apartments over a classic hotel concept.
A strong trend in today’s traveling is to experience a new destination by living like a local. This is a style of travel when you get mixed with local folks, go for a walk or hike off the beaten paths, experience the same hobbies as local people, eat out in trendy restaurants and cook a local meal at home. If you’re in a mood - rent a car to drive around the city and go visit places independently and then return home and park the car comfortably in the house garage. Take your dog along for a morning walk and meet the other dog owners. Stroll the town’s easy pedestrian walkways cross the two bridges while gazing at powerful currents of two arctic rivers meeting together, or go jogging thru the Arktikum nature park and watch the local fishermen in their boats. Rent one of our guest bicycles and ride thru the forest path within the city limits. Observe locals going about their day, join in the day’s activity with a coffee or full breakfast, meandering city streets and scouting for future exploration-worthy hidden gems, a beach café, or a local chocolate shop brimming with gorgeous mouth-watering sweets.Frequenting a local favourite restaurant, leads eventually to friendly banter with locals and store vendors who will inevitably give you their best tips on what to see, where to shop, and where to eat in their home town.

Overall, locals are more open to travellers who stay a while than tourists who are just passing through. They’re glad that you’re interested enough to stay and get to know them, and vice versa. Another key benefit to adopting the live like a local travel style is that it positively affects your trip budget. Whether you travel luxuriously, moderately, or on a strict budget - whatever the level of comforts and amenities you prefer – this travel style yields better cost efficiencies when compared to typical tourist living expenses.

Traveling like a local, rather than a tourist, you can choose to stay in a destination longer for less, discover lesser known “hidden gems” and engage in a local lifestyle by mingling with locals.

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Nordica Residential Complex

Residential complex “Nordica” opened in November 2019 in the heart of the city center.

Its facilities include limited number of private parking places in the house parking hall and a luggage storage in the basement, both available at an extra charge. One passenger lift and an inside spiral staircase from the house parking hall to any floor of the complex.

Fire alarm security, key code access to the building from the main street and to the house parking hall, deposit key locker outside all the apartments entrance door.

Common electric sauna for all residents use according to the schedule.

Waste containers located 50 m away.

Water and electricity bills are included to the apartments renal price. Cold water is of a very good quality and you can easily drink it. Hot water heaters are per apartment and have a limited volume.

Convenient facilities for families: inner yard playground, bicycles parking slots and a cosy indoor green courtyard.

Facilities for disables: easy access from the main street, a ramp to the ground floor and a barrier-free yard.

Going exploring what Rovaniemi city has to offer cannot be easier: the complex is just few meters from the main pedestrian street Koskikatu, where you will find great options for dining, coffees and shopping; city museums Arktikum, Pilke and Korundi, Martiini old knife factory are just a stone’s throw away. We will be happy to recommend for your dining experience some of our tested partner.

Who we are

Nordica Design Residence was made by professionals working in hospitality industry since 1996.

Our company called Scandinavian Travel Group is a Destination Management Company (DMC) for Lapland region, strongly focused on Rovaniemi and Levi areas. We offer our guests the best experience of fully furnished and serviced accommodation with a truly Finnish iconic design items.

Alexey Petrov, Managing director
SINCE 2016